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Our small team means cheaper and more personalized work

Lehmann Systems was founded by Mike Lehmann in 2013. It has grown to a team of six with summer interns as well! With a small team, we are able to move fast and build exactly what you want with no bullshit. We specialize in building custom websites, phone apps and boosting your presence on Google searches.

Projects both big and small

We have worked on a number of projects from website edits that takes us 4 hours to comeplete overhauls that we worked on for multiple years.

Below are a few of our more recent endeavors.

Laidig Systems, Inc.

We built a dashboard providing the ability to graph millions of data-points in seconds.  The system also provides the ability to dive into specific data and analyze Laidig internal systems.


A web app and an iOS and Android app to accompany it. It is an app built for rowing teams to efficiently track their workouts and analyze whether they are improving. Track workouts using calendars, graph progress and manage both team roster and boat lineups.


We have been contracted for the last five years to work on the Upwork Messaging platform. It has been all front-end development and have worked with them through a merger and an IPO.